The examples here perform a lot of jobs:

  • They are instructive about common patterns to use with React-DnD.
  • They showcase various aspects of the API to demonstrate the flexibility of the library.
  • They act as a set of integration test cases.

If you use a pattern that is not covered here, please consider submitting a Pull Request to add it to this list.


For these examples, the following flags are available. To enable them add them to the end the example URL.

  • ?debug - Enables debug mode of dnd-core. This registers dnd-core with the Redux Devtools Chrome extension.
  • ?touch - Swaps out the backend used in the examples from react-dnd-html5-backend to the react-dnd-touch-backend.

Running Locally

To run these examples locally, clone the react-dnd repository, and run

> yarn install
> yarn build
> yarn start

It will take a while to start, but after the site is built, you can access the examples by opening http://localhost:8000/ and clicking “Examples” in the navigation bar.