New to React DnD? Read the overview before jumping into the docs.


This is the primary backend supported by React-DnD. It uses the HTML5 drag and drop API under the hood and hides its quirks.


npm install react-dnd-html5-backend


Aside from the default export, the HTML5 backend module also provides a few extras:

  • getEmptyImage(): a function returning a transparent empty Image. Use connect.dragPreview() of the DragSourceConnector to hide the browser-drawn drag preview completely. Handy for drawing the custom drag layers with DragLayer. Note that the custom drag previews don't work in IE.
  • NativeTypes: an enumeration of three constants, NativeTypes.FILE, NativeTypes.URL and NativeTypes.TEXT. You may register the drop targets for these types to handle the drop of the native files, URLs, or the regular page text.


import { HTML5Backend } from 'react-dnd-html5-backend'
import { DndProvider } from 'react-dnd'

export default function MyReactApp() {
  return (
    <DndProvider backend={HTML5Backend}>
      /* your drag-and-drop application */

When you call getItem() on a monitor, the HTML5 backend exposes various data from the event, depending on the drop type:

  • NativeTypes.FILE:

    • getItem().files, with an array of files
    • getItem().items, with event.dataTransfer.items (which you can use to list files when a directory is dropped)
  • NativeTypes.URL:

    • getItem().urls, an array with the dropped URLs
  • NativeTypes.TEXT:

    • getItem().text, the text that has been dropped